The Green Oasis is a project for a new city in the desert on the Arabian Peninsula. It offers urban spatial quality in compliance with local cultural traditions. The planning goals for Green Oasis are harmony between traditional lifestyle and contemporary technology, leisure and innvation, economy and ecology. As cultural, admininstrative and religious centre for the whole region it will serve local communities and attract national attention to the region.

The Urban Wall separates the inside from the outside. Inside is the green of the garden, outside the glaring yellow of the endless desert. The Urban Wall is shelter, but unlike ancient times the desert is not hostile anylonger. In today‘s urban civilization the desert is the symbol for the origin of the arabian culture. The wall of houses makes the desert perceptible. Living on the edge of the desert in harmony with one‘s heritage. The Urban Wall draws the outline of Green Oasis’ unique formal layout in the sand and helps to establish the city as a strong visual landmark from the beginning.

Green Oasis‘ design concept is based on the star layout. It is formed by the external buildings, which funtction as the outside wall. This wall keeps the desert outside, promising shelter, shade and calmness. It‘s unique formal design makes Green Oasis a landmark development with high recognition value. The area of Green Oasis is filled with a garden landscape, that allows easy adaption of land use for possible future growth scenarios. In the center of the garden Green Oasis‘ medina is designed as cultural, administrative and religious center and compact housing development.