hall, restaurant, club

Located in the centre of the old town, the Zerwirkgewölbe was used over the centuries as a bathhouse, a ducal brewery and most recently as a game shop. After six years of vacancy, it had almost disappeared from the city's memory. Since 2005, the building has housed a club, an event hall and a vegan restaurant on three floors. A lively, urban place has emerged in the middle of the city.

Differentiated design approaches were implemented in accordance with the various dedications. The coherence of the parts is created by the attitude towards the building: understanding the spatial conditions of the individual floors and creating perceptible atmospheres for the different uses.

Volumes coated with black rubber sheets were built into the dominant vault of the basement, which are based on their own polygonal geometry as a counterpoint to the existing vault.

The rooms on the top floor are reminiscent of a flat, a sequence of rooms with a view of the city. The first room, with a large table, resembles a kitchen-living room; in contrast to the bright guest rooms, it is dark green. The various guest rooms are named after local animals: Hare, Bear, Thrush, Deer and Cow, which appear as silhouettes on the otherwise white lacquered parquet floor.