dental practice Gabrielistraße


In the middle of the baroque city centre of Eichstätt, a former shop is being converted into a dental practice. The practice extends over both parts of the listed ensemble, the oldest parts of which date from the Baroque period, from Gabrielistraße to Pedettistraße.

To overcome the difference in height between the two streets, the different areas of the dental practice: reception, treatment and laboratory areas are staggered on different levels from public to private. The public areas are given a floor covering made of Solnhofer tiles, a very typical local floor covering.

The open areas of the reception, the waiting room and the access areas are structured and framed by a ceiling landscape of large-format cove ceilings, borrowed from the Baroque and reinterpreted, as are the treatment rooms inside. The design of the ceiling not only serves as a spatial frame, but also to accommodate the building services.

Since the very deep floor plan of the building is only lit by the two street fronts and a small inner courtyard, the artificial lighting of the atmospheric reception and waiting areas as well as the dental treatment and laboratory areas is very important. Pendant luminaires specially made for the practice and reflective bronze-coloured mirrored walls disguise this problem entirely in the spirit of the Baroque. These feature etched depictions of selected plants from the "Hortus Eystettensis", a 17th century botanical collection.