Urban design master-plan Paul-Gerhard-Allee

With the area on Paul-Gerhardt-Allee, the last area still to be developed within the "Central Railway Areas" in the Pasing/ Obermenzing district is being overplanned. A piece of the city with differentiated spatial sequences is to be created. The area will be given a new, clearly urban character; it will return to the city's consciousness. The surrounding neighbourhoods will be connected to the new district through spatially defined street spaces, neighbourhood squares, bicycle connections and attractive footpaths. The link with the large, high-quality open spaces is created by a large landscape park that protects the new quarter from the railway. The neighbourhood has the potential to establish itself as a new dense urban space.

A generous landscape park with its topographically shaped edge protects the neighbourhood in the south and east from the noise emissions of the railway. It also links the surrounding open spaces - the park "Am Durchblick", the Würmkanal and the Nymphenburger Park - with the neighbourhood.

This landscaped fringe is followed by a layer of generous city blocks towards the interior of the neighbourhood as a further frame to protect against noise. The blocks open up to the landscape park like a filter and allow the open space to penetrate into the neighbourhood via the Anger as an interface. The Anger and the differently shaped neighbourhood squares form a system of spatial sequences. The clear programmatic occupancy and the defined edges of these squares create different places in the urban fabric.