Wohnbebauung im Münchner Westen

At first glance, the plot is characterised by contradictory points: On the one hand, the current housing situation in Munich demands sufficient utilisation of the site, while at the same time the neighbourhood of lower buildings calls for a cautious approach to the existing scale.

Surrounded by a dense curtain of existing trees, three townhouses are being built that clearly define the street edge in some places, while deliberately leaving this boundary in other places in order to spatially expand the street space with small pockets of green. The once rather suburban neighbourhood takes on an ambiguous character: an urban green quarter in the pulsating big city, where townhouses orient themselves in as many directions as possible and anchor themselves in the green.

While the feeling of community is reinforced in the stairwell by exciting visual references, the residential units themselves guarantee intimacy and privacy.
Each flat is oriented towards at least two points of the compass. The geometry of the houses avoids direct views from opposite sides. The loggias placed at the corners extend the façade and bring the green deep into the interior.