Competition for the MK 1 site Frankfurter Ring

Former military barracks

The calm building structure is given its own unique character by precise geometric features - kinks and staggered heights. The bent alignment to Max Bill Strasse leads into the neighbourhood and positions the building at a pleasant angle to the Frankfurter Ring. The bend towards the green space anchors the building in the structure. Both bends proportion the volume, provide a pleasant sense of scale and mediate between directions and spaces. It is also important to deal with the nature of the two uses and to maintain the unity of the body.

High points are set at the corners facing the wide spaces in the direction of the tram, the Frankfurter Ring and the city square. The differentiated height grading supports the scale and differentiates the spaces from the city. MK1 is a new, striking urban building block and, in its heterogeneous surroundings, a resting heavy body with an existing structure.

Inside the structure, there are courtyards on two levels assigned to the uses - residential and hotel. The common courtyard space forms exciting, well-proportioned partial spaces with projections and recesses. The upper level is assigned to residential use and thus remains clearly more private. The hotel courtyard on the ground floor is open to the public and can be used for gastronomy. The courtyard communicates its activities to the tram and the public via a large opening in the west.