Competition Gröbenzell

3rd prize

Bahnhofstrasse is rezoned, starting with the urban sequence of squares near the railway and ending with the beer garden in the north. In between, the street occasionally widens out on the eastern side, while on the west side, the development of the rows with commercial use on the ground floor opens up to the street. The urban part facing the railway in the south up to Schubertstrasse is redefined as a spacious, car-free square. The public buildings, the community centre and the hotel protect the railway emission. Together they form the market square or, with the existing buildings, a further entrance square.

The existing buildings in the competition area are integrated into the concept. The new row buildings along Bahnhofstrasse fit in with the existing commercial and residential buildings in terms of scale, orientation and development. The existing buildings fit loosely into the clear and calm sequence of the new structures. Towards Bahnhofstraße, the buildings are raised by one storey and thus emphasise the street.

The garden city character of Gröbenzell is preserved and strengthened. The buildings on Bahnhofstraße dissolve towards the west into the magnificent tree population. The public courtyards of the rows become visibly more private and greener; the view into the green corridor remains unobstructed. As a complementary typology, point houses are freely positioned in the rear part of the plots, the green space flowing from the railway to the north.