Competition Planegg

Planegg is one of the few communities in the Würmtal that does not develop on both sides of the tracks. Large contiguous wooded areas extend right up to the S-Bahn line. The design recognises the proximity to these natural spaces as a quality and responds with a loosened, green development that opens up to the landscape.

The proposed development with buildings of different sizes and heights along the tracks sets a strong urban accent. In order to meet the special requirements as the end point of Bahnhofstrasse, as a junction for public transport and as a starting point for excursions into the surrounding countryside, new and existing buildings are grouped around a generous town square. Buildings are grouped around a generous town square that gives Planegg an identity on the Geisen.

The new ensemble around the station building develops a special recognition value. The town square is the prelude to a sequence of new and existing buildings of urban scale along Bahnhofsstraße. In view of a location that is very well served by public transport, the aim is to achieve an urban density in the sense of sustainability with taller buildings on the square. Public-intensive uses and urban living will be mixed at Bahnhofsplatz.

As the distance to Bahnhofsplatz increases, the typology and use of the development changes. Different residential typologies in changing contexts develop quality residential locations in terraced houses, semi-detached houses or apartment buildings for rent or ownership.