Competition Neuaubing

3rd prize

The new urban quarter is surrounded by structures that are very heterogeneous in terms of function, scale and typology. The site of the Gleisharfe is reintroduced into the city's consciousness as an urban space. The exclusionary nature of the previous use as a fanned-out rail body gives way to the new "old" fanned-out spatial structure in the surrounding greenery.

Dense green structures and biotope zones in the east and northwest, the railway line in the north and the broadly staggered, listed halls of the future commercial use in the south define the site together with the historic "railwaymen's houses".

The newly designed John-Curr Platz at Neuaubing station creates an appropriate entrée to the surrounding urban function of markets, travel, the existing neighbourhoods of Aubing, Neuaubing and the newly emerging Freiham district.

The situation creates a defined point of entry and exit into the new quarter. This entry is marked by the historic gate of the Gleisharfe in the northwest. Guided by the northern wall, the urban spaces of the quarter fan out as successive switch spaces. By taking up the directions of the tracks, curved spaces result that give the quarter the impression of spatial unity despite its linear openness. The inner open spaces are visually closed off and yet merge into one another as a flowing continuum. They form a spatial harp.