Neighbourhood development Grunewaldstraße Regensburg


At its southeastern edge, the city of Regensburg presents an extremely heterogeneous picture that is not very convincing as a city entrance. The given design perimeter with the required programme has the potential to capture the entire north-western surroundings in terms of urban space and to create a coherent, urban quarter. The building design clearly forms this boundary: it defines a landscape space in connection with the Pürkelgut, the motorway and agricultural areas to the east and south. The urban setting is achieved by an elongated ensemble consisting of a base with polygonal tower superstructures. These high points refer to the tradition of Regensburg's medieval city contours. To the south-west of the plinth, which formulates a spatial separation of the heavily trafficked Landshuter Strasse, the new neighbourhood square is created. As a quality apron for a variety of different urban uses, it creates attractive and differentiated addresses for the uses in the high points. The gradation from the public sphere on the lower floors to the private sphere in the towers is decisive. The perforation of the base provides the necessary permeability to the large green space in the east and creates covered access areas from the public space.

The northern high point forms a new neighbourhood landmark facing the city. The two poles of the ensemble form largely public building blocks: in the north, commercial use as a boarding house or hotel is conceivable, while the tower in the south is dedicated to housing, education and care. In between, various addresses for retail, meeting, brewing or development as well as the entrances to the residential floors are located on the base floor. The towers have the necessary flexibility to accommodate different flat sizes and a lively mix of different resident milieus. The form, orientation and proportion of the high points allow for favourable lighting of all flats. At the same time, the positioning of the towers in relation to each other ensures good sound insulation without losing the openness of the new quarter.

Towards the street, a dense tree traces the direction of the green finger; it determines the address of the new buildings at the entrance to Regensburg. Along the path there are clearings that invite people to spend time around the barbecue or to engage in sports and fitness. In the transition to the landscape around the Pürkelgut, a square serves to address the new buildings and at the same time forms the entrance to the supra-regional local recreation area. The inner square space is defined by a dense grove of trees that serves as a central community space for the entire neighbourhood. The gardens of the neighbourhood are located on the basement level facing the high-rise buildings. Protected from the traffic and everyday hustle and bustle of the commercial sector on the ground floor, this is an area of retreat for the new residential community.