Competition Freiham Nord

With Freiham, one of the last large contiguous open spaces in the Munich urban area is being overplanned. Freiham is located on the edge of the city, but in the centre of the outskirts. The new district on the edge of the core city has the potential to establish itself as a new dense, central urban space. It also represents an important spatial and functional link to the existing plans to the south of the S-Bahn and to the newly emerging northern neighbourhoods.

Clear definitions of the sizes and edges of these squares and their programmatic occupancy create different places in the urban fabric. Starting from the two large public squares Stadtplatz and Bahnhofsplatz in the centre of the new Sadraum, the open spaces develop via individual neighbourhood squares at the school campus and the northern residential quarter to the car-free alleys positioned between the individual neighbourhoods to the private interior spaces of the residential quarters.

The street spaces of the new district run continuously in an east-west direction towards the town square and create important spatial relationships between the town square and the landscape space or school campus on the one hand, and the inner green space of the Neuaubing green belt on the other.

In the north-south direction, on the other hand, the street spaces are deliberately interrupted by the quarter-wise shifts and the partly changing slopes of the street alignments in order to convey a more tangible urban impression.