Competition for a residential development Memmingerstraße, Kempten

1st prize

The large garden of the clinic will remain and the new residential use will have the special quality of living in a large garden. The edge of the area will be reoccupied and will form the framework for the dotted houses in the interior. A quiet, semi-public, communal park will be created inside the area. The garden will be connected to the city via a network of paths.

The western perimeter development forms the edge of the forecourt at the chapel in the north and creates the transition between the public outside and the more private inside. The head in the south establishes a spatial reference to Adalbert-Stifter Weg and mediates spatially with the residential development in the east of the area. The freestanding point houses in the interior of the quarter relate to the point house in the south on Gerhart-Hauptmann Strasse, which thus becomes part of the new ensemble.

Between the head buildings in the north of the perimeter, two-, three- and four-bedroom flats with corner lighting are inserted as storey flats. The living spaces in the south will be 1.5 storeys high and open up to the south. The loggias, also 1.5 storeys high, form generous open spaces and create special room situations. On the top floor, a continuous band of balconies extends in front of the flats, creating a staggered height development on the one hand and a differentiated range of open spaces on the other.

In the peripheral development to the west, east-west flats are proposed as stacked maisonettes - as houses within a house. To the west of these flats are continuous balcony zones oriented towards the quiet garden.

Inside the garden, the terrain and existing elevation is slightly leveled. Three buildings are proposed here: two with five storeys, one with six storeys. The polygonally shaped houses are organised as three storeys on the inside. On each floor there are 2-, 3- and 4-room flats. The flats offer special, corner-oriented storey flats, each lit from two sides. This spatial feature is complemented by the balcony loggias.