Städtebaulicher Wettbewerb Klimaquartier Schweinfurt

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The new quarter, situated above Bellevue, will in future occupy a prominent position in Schweinfurt's existing urban space. As a reinterpretation of the previously closed-off area of the Kessler Field in a special location above the Main Valley, it stands for a civilising development of the community in a special landscape location. The existing topography is a determining factor in the spatial organisation of the new settlement structure.

Along the contour lines, differentiatedly shaped and lined up building blocks form the new climate quarter. All of this is committed to the idea of minimal intervention in the environmental form and tree population.

A complementary design factor is the idea of a path loop in connection with the upcoming State Garden Show. A landscape terminal, an end point of the path, of the stroll, runs through the neighbourhood and offers, scenically curated, different spatial impressions, neighbourhoods, addresses of the urban, vegetation spaces and views. In addition, the settlements of the building blocks also face up to the demands that the neighbouring sound-emitting uses project onto the perimeter. A superimposition of different wave patterns of topography, sound, vegetation and pathways form an organic order of building fields. This gentle logic also makes it possible to deal naturally with the existing forces of water and wind on the slope. The spaces that flow through in this way are scaled to the existing streets in terms of height and use.
Plots along existing development allow for higher buildings and more intensive use. They also create places of a more urban togetherness on the existing buildings.


The green belt coming from the city centre via the new Bürgerpark is developed into a green loop in Kessler Field, which not only connects the neighbourhood but also embeds it. The further development of the existing genius loci is contemporary and exemplifies current ecological and urban climate requirements and solutions.


This not only creates exciting and didactically valuable open spaces for citizens, but also reduces maintenance costs. In extreme weather conditions, physical phenomena are used to equalise temperatures in order to promote microclimatic qualities of stay.


Different typologies, e.g. multi-storey housing in the respective sponsorships of municipal housing associations, cooperatives, houses in rows of building groups or mixed-occupancy, six-storey points of commercial businesses and service providers with a versatile effect on the settlement area, are thus mixed to form a lively, truly sustainable neighbourhood.

Consequently, underground car parks are dispensed with altogether. Close to the existing units, a flexible-use neighbourhood garage within easy walking distance of all parts of the quarter, together with the public transport stop, creates a mobility hub. Temporary parking for fans at weekends alternates here with communal uses of the market hall and covered sports areas.