Collection W

The client owns an important collection of contemporary photography and three buildings on a plot of land in Neu Ulm. He has lived abroad for many years and plans to bring his collection to his old home to make it partially accessible to the public.

The collection is spread over the three buildings. Due to the different building typologies, different spaces are created - private and more public areas, as well as intermediate forms, spaces that are public for a certain time when the much-travelling collector is present.

The garden is the connecting element and thus an important part of the collection. The original parcelling is abolished, small-scale set pieces such as: Garages, fences, hedges etc are removed - so that a continuous open space is created.

The buildings will be given a new appearance that supports the character and diversity of the buildings. The shop building, which houses the main part of the collection, will be heavily altered. The existing hipped roof will be demolished and replaced by a flat roof, complemented by the addition of a storey to the existing garage. Like an inlay, the shell of the new structure connects and nestles against the existing structure, and shines golden.