Residential development Eversbuschstraße Allach

The project sees itself in the tradition of self-confident settings of collective urban building blocks in Munich. An overall formally conceived structure of different spatial situations, qualities and offers. Large in form, but adapted in appearance. Self-confident but interested in the surroundings and consistent in its interpretation of the site.

The buildings embrace the site. Different profiles create a differentiated contour. The resulting form creates a courtyard structure inside. Here, overlapping courtyards of the private sphere open to each other, there, urban spaces of the public sphere facing the surroundings and located in front of the new houses.

At one point, the form opens up towards Eversbuschstraße, thus integrating itself additionally into the neighbourhood without publishing its interior too strongly. The entrances in the eastern courtyard interior are reached from here.

Towards the railway, the form is more accentuated and thus corresponds to the position on the wide urban space of the railway line. To the west, towards the neighbouring houses on Eversbuschstraße, the three-storey staggering creates a familiar scale. At the same time, the projections in the building cubature mark building entrances and create addresses.

As part of the project, 230 flats of various sizes and types will be built. The various staircases that surround the courtyards are predominantly organised as spännert types. Only the northern part of the building, which reaches into the courtyard space, and the parts of the building above the daycare centre are accessed from the north with short arcades.

At central points on the ground floor, community uses oriented towards the outside, such as a small café, the mobility centre or the daycare centre, create special places.