Café & restaurant, Munich

Almost 80 years ago, the Munich University’s Riding School was first opened: an indoor riding arena with stables below and a restaurant with a view of the arena. The institution “Riding School” is being re-interpreted. Well known typologies and athmospheres such as the coffee house, the salon, the bentwood chair (and so on) were seized and redefined.

The examination of the somewhat rough, premodern architecture of the builing itself lead to a sort of robusteness of fixtures and furniture. To this, delicate elements form an appealing contrast: backlit reliefs, porcellan chandeliers, glas objects and a free standing drinking fountain in the Orangerie.

As a significant spatial change, the area that reflects the Orangerie-theme was opened up towards the restaurant. The restrooms were relocated to the basement, thus requiring a new staircase. The restaurant’s encirclement of the riding arena is now much more pronounced, new views have been opened up.

In the face of the many spatial qualities of the restaurant as well as its size, it was subdivided into different areas, each with its own character and atmosphere. Coherence is achieved by the end-to-end light terrazzo floor, large mirrors behind the fireplace, in the dining room and behind the bar connect and expand the rooms.

Materials are reduced: stone, wood, leather, steel and glas only vary in terms of color and surface.