Competition Residential Development Flaschenhofstraße Nürnberg

Long building blocks composed of individual houses stretch from the southwest to the northeast, following the course of the existing terrain and varying in storey and depth, and end at Flaschenhofstraße with striking, urban residential buildings. The courtyards are open to the Flaschenhofstraße. The small square to the east additionally widens the street space and forms a spatial prelude to the new quarter along Neudörferstrasse.

These new, polygonal courtyards differ in dimension and form. From the very public zones of the new square and the spaces in between along Flaschenhofstraße, the privacy of the courtyards increases towards the south as the terraced terrain rises. The differentiated design of the courtyards is supported by the different colours of the building blocks. The northern part of the bottle courtyards is paved and serves as a transition from the city to the interior, but also fulfils its role as an entrance to the eastern and western residential courtyards. In the higher parts of the courtyards, at middle level, trees are planted. At the top level, there are children's play areas and private zones for the house communities. Additional uses through communal kitchen gardens are conceivable at this level.

The individual houses are integrated into the urban courtyard fabric. The houses along Flaschenhofstraße and Neudörferstraße form a clear base zone with a raised ground floor. In the upper part of the façades, flush windows sit in the outermost plaster level of the houses. They emphasise the precise rhythm of the passages to the courtyards. On the top floor, generous, studio-like, recessed openings form the upper end of the houses.

The houses, organised as multiple units, allow for a very differentiated mix of different flat sizes and typologies. Ground-floor studio flats, which can also be used as commercial or service units along Flaschenhofstraße, alternate with west-east oriented types on the upper floors. But flats oriented on three sides can also be found in the end buildings facing Flaschenhofstrasse. On the top floors, generous maisonette solutions with private roof terraces are proposed in some cases. However, a communal use of the roof terraces is also planned to compensate for the open spaces in the courtyards, which are not always directly exposed to the sun.