Quartier an der Leonhardstraße Kempten


The proposed urban space defines new generous connecting green open spaces that continue Engelhaldepark in the north towards Leonhardstrasse in the south. The buildings define these open spaces spatially and moderate their width and form, starting from the generosity and expanse of the park to an appropriate density along Leonhardstrasse. In this way, both an address of the new quarter and an address of the existing park are formed along Leonhardstrasse.

The chains of east-west oriented buildings are an interpretation of existing building forms and directions. The open spaces created between the building volumes differ in dimension and form. They thus create differentiated spatial experiences and respond to different functional requirements. The result is an alternation of wider, public, park-like green spaces with narrower intermediate spaces dedicated to predominantly residential use with private greenery and the addressing of the individual buildings. Clearings in the northern tree population allow views into Engelhaldepark. This creates a permeable structure between the park, the neighbourhood and the district with varied open-space qualities.

A neighbourhood square on the eastern part of Leonhardstrasse picks up on existing traffic links. Both the new neighbourhood and the existing park are given an appropriate prelude. Existing cycle and footpath connections, starting from the pedestrian bridge junction in the south-east, are continued here into the new quarter and directly connected to the new uses of local supply and childcare.


The urban design envisages mostly five-storey building blocks structured by changes of direction, as well as projections and recesses, which will be terminated on Leonhardstrasse with a maximum of seven-storey head buildings and on Engelhaldepark with a maximum of eight-storey head buildings. The proposed building depths allow for an economical internal organisation of the residential buildings as multi-units with through-corner, over-corner and one-sided west-facing flats.