Company building for a truck dealership

In the middle of a large gravel area where trucks destined for sale are stored close together, the new building replaces a long-standing container solution. The sales offices, the management and the groundsman's office are to be accommodated in a single building with a low budget. The new building should combine the pragmatics of the operational process with an architecture that is appropriate for the location and purpose.

The distinctive silhouette of the two-storey structure indicates both its affiliation with the profane functional architecture of the surrounding industrial estate and its special construction method. The height of the prefabricated and highly thermally insulated timber and reinforced concrete construction creates visibility on the site and from the nearby main road, and provides employees with an overview of the site and access beyond the truck cabs. A storage room and covered car parking spaces are created under the building.

The interiors are clad with painted OSB panels, leaving the beamed ceilings visible. The simple finish and the special spatial situation on the site create special workplaces in the striking building.

The façade is clad with simple black cardboard shingles. The window boxes made of aluminium sheeting stand out clearly from the façade. This creates a striking building despite the simple materials.