Competition day-care nursery "Zum Regenbogen"

2nd prize

The new children's house makes spatial reference to the existing church and the buildings of the parish centre. It gives the existing church square in the west a clear edge and closes the ensemble. The pavilion-like building volume clearly subordinates itself in its height development to the surrounding buildings and the trees in the park.

The building is entered in the north via a covered pergola. The entrance, directly connected to the multi-purpose room, forms a very generous entrance and waiting situation. The situation of this connecting space creates communicative and spatial qualities. Part of this connecting continuum can be separated as a multi-purpose room to be used independently by means of folding walls. All group rooms with their adjoining rooms, the respective cloakrooms in the widened areas facing the courtyards, are adjacent to this central space.

Two of the kindergarten group rooms and two of the crèche group rooms are combined into one room group. The garden and play courtyards are inserted between them like pockets, connecting the groups with the surrounding garden. This interplay of different, spatially defined open spaces simultaneously creates many different child-friendly spaces and spatial relationships inside. The spatial structure is rounded off by a pergola that serves as a covered play area, for connecting the individual groups outdoors and as a shading element.