MVG customer center Marienplatz

The new customer centre of the MVG (Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft) is located on the barrier floor of Marienplatz. The customer centre stands freely in the space of the adjoining passage and has a continuous glass façade. This flowing, open situation is specified and organised in the design. A seamless ceiling in the form of a grid ceiling and a seamless floor made of bituterrazzo support this character. A few volumetrically simple objects structure the flowing space.

Large round light elements resembling skylights are found in the ceiling; they simulate daylight in the form of a sky with cloud formation.

The space of the centre spans between two transverse walls. The main side with the large, radial counter on one side and, opposite, the so-called first contact: for reading, for filling out forms. The two sides get calm but high-quality designed back walls: a folding in the two colours of the MVG (blue and silver), depending on the angle of view the wall appears more blue or more silver. The respective proportion of blue and silver is different; thus one back wall appears bluer and the other back wall more silver.

The circle or semicircle is found as a consistent design language in the project, for example in the information shelf and the seating elements. The furniture is made of powdered sheet metal and is thus reminiscent of vehicle construction.