Montessori school Inning

The new school is located on the southerly outskirts of Kaufering. A railroad line to the north, a dense wood to the west and a state road to the east border the site. To the south it opens up towards a field with oak trees. The new school building is situated close to the wood’s edge.

The wooden front of the building is broken up by the large, copper-plated window frames. In uniform order they surround the whole school building. In this way, the three construction stages maintain a uniform appearance – they become one big house. Serving as furniture for reading or learning, the window frames also open up the classrooms to the outside. Through an expansion of the hallways, spaces for individual studies are attached to the front of the atrium.

Three atriums with different dedications (schoolyard, water court, playground) form protected, partly roofed outdoor areas and create sight-lines across the courtyards. The school is built in timber systems construction from prefabricated elements, the first and second construction stage were each completed in a period of 6 month only.