Competition Quartier am Gleisbogenpark Stuttgart


The new quarter is being built on a site of fundamental transformation of the urban space. It is a gift to the city. To the entire city. This offers the opportunity to create a mixed neighbourhood that uses the future favour of the quiet, partly elevated location, close to the park, close to the railway station, to create a place of shared urban life. In this context, the moderation of the differentiated transitions from existing urban space to the new landscape space seems decisive.


The partly scenic potential of the emerging subspaces must be used appropriately and designed in an atmospherically differentiated way.

In this context, the position oriented towards the park opens up only one possible perspective. The dimension of the perimeter allows differentiated layers of urban spaces, green passages and urban square situations to emerge in its depth. Diverse mixed uses, including forms of living, enable a lively multicoded urban space on the ground floor that creates a link to both the city and the green space.

Two clearly recognisable entrances connect the quarter with the neighbouring urban spaces. On the narrow side of the site facing the station, a high point creates an urban prelude for the quarter. A tree-lined sequence of spaces leads from Nordbahnhofstraße into the new Gleisbogenpark.

The path from the city centre to the park is surprisingly green. Another entrance to the quarter complements the existing urban space on Rosensteinstraße, redefines it and strengthens it as an urban address. Another tall building marks the spot in the existing chain of tall buildings, also perceptible from the park. Retail, various services, gastronomy, a hotel and a day-care centre create a lively atmosphere.

The existing hotel is accepted within the concept as a space-creating neighbourhood without relying too much on the permanent presence of the structure. This results in varied addresses for living in the north of the central structure. These residential locations benefit from the dynamic orientation of the building blocks and the orientation to the southwest.

The south sides of these building blocks offer varied views into the new park and in turn form garden-like spaces with the point-shaped houses close to the park. All of the flats are interspersed, organised around corners or benefit directly from the view into the park.