MAXIDROM in the MaximiliansForum

Maximilianstraße is one of the best addresses in Munich. Exclusive fashion, automobiles, restaurants, cafes, hotels determine the image of the street. Lawyers, agencies, foundations, investment advisors use the upper levels of the Maximiliansstraße address. Most visitors to these streets are consumers, strollers, clients, theatre-goers, hotel guests. One is a guest here. The perception of Maximiliansstraße as an address, as a consumer space, overlays the urban, social, political consistency of the street.

But Maximiliansstraße is more. It is the site of a bourgeois understanding of the city, partly shaped by history. The institutions located on Maximilianstraße point to this.

PALAIS MAI proposes a street run through Maximilianstraße on 11.0.2011 as a means of first getting to know each other. The walk along the entire length of the street, starting in the catacombs of the MaximiliansForum and moving upwards.

The underground space of the MaximiliansForum will be extended upwards into the urban space. The extensions of the existing staircases rise into the sky as city grandstands and offer visitors a sublime view over the city and the events. The result is a clearly recognisable spatial connection between the city and the MaximiliansForum.