Residential development with retail in Lichtenreuth Nürnberg

The location, at the northern entrance to the "Nürnberg Lichtenreuth" district, opens up the possibility of designing an urban building block that is appropriately designed and positioned according to its urban significance at the new square.

In the course of the design process, this master plan went through various stages of development. These successive phases were determined by the specification and changing locations of residential, commercial, research and new urban park programmes.

Constant throughout these planning adjustments was the idea of a spatial structure oriented towards an open block structure, with its curved streets reminiscent of the spatial ideas of picturesque urbanism.

At the interface of the existing buildings to the north, the school sports area, the street and the tram stop, in spatial proximity to a new high-rise building that is also planned, which develops its spatial effect to the north towards the neighbourhood square and at the same time sets a structural example towards the park to the south, an attractive situation is created for the hybrid urban building block described.

The seven-storey eaves, which have been taken up from the neighbourhood, define the space of the neighbourhood square. The separation of the large-scale retail trade into two units creates the possibility to react to the neighbourhood in a differentiated way, to take up spatial references of the streets from the new Module 2 and to offer an additional cross-connection from the tramway to the school grounds. At the same time, it forms an open figure to the neighbours to the north and to the Stadtentrée. The two differently sized bases each carry two or three volumes of different residential typologies. According to the general conditions, which are determined by the orientation of the flats to the urban space, to the sun, with regard to the noise pollution of neighbouring uses and finally by the requirements of the escape routes, these different offers of living result.

The south-western building block of the southern, larger base, is organised as a spännert type and benefits from both the quiet courtyard orientation and the sunny SW side facing the school. The building component on the opposite side of the common open space, which is located on the roof of the retail trade, opens up with its wide arcade to the neighbourhood square and spatially frames it. Between the two building sections, a smaller building block is set back in the southern widening. On the smaller northern base, a cubic volume fits into the order of the rectangular buildings.