The detached house stands in the second row in the middle of the former orchard of Vorderhausen in a post-war settlement in Haimhausen. The existing small-scale plot structure has been redensified with single-family houses in recent years.

Deviating from the development plan, a compact building has been created that responds to the special situation of the orchard with its tree population.

The house is positioned on the slightly sloping plot in such a way that, despite its size, as much of the orchard as possible is preserved. The ground floor reacts additionally to this situation by receding at two corners on the garden side, thus forming two garden façades. The large-format windows create a strong spatial connection to the outside space and, due to their slanted position in the likewise slanted reveal, orient themselves individually to the various situations of the surrounding open space.

In its choice of materials, the house is oriented towards the typical features of local rural construction: The house was built in solid construction, the smooth fine lime plaster brings out the volume of the building and the openings.