Dachausbauten Braystraße

Following the redensification measure with residential buildings in the inner courtyard of the residential block between Einstein-, Bray-, and Versailler Straße, Palais Mai was commissioned in 2014 to investigate further densification of the residential block from the 1930s by converting the attics formerly used as storage floors.

After some consideration, it was decided to demolish the existing roof trusses. The knee-floor was rebuilt and, including the roof truss, re-set approx. 1m above the previous height. In two houses on Versailler Strasse, an additional new full storey is planned in the course of the conversion. The previously lower buildings will then catch up with the other buildings in terms of height.

An installation level above the existing floor as well as a mixed construction of the roof truss made of wood and steel allow a largely independent development of the floor plans with room heights of up to 5m. A total of 30 new flats are being created in the project, which comprises 14 houses.

The spacious living rooms all have recessed and covered loggia balconies. The dormer and loggia roofs harmoniously rhythm the new roofscape and blend in with the existing residential block as a matter of course.

New lifts in the inner courtyard facilitate access for existing and future tenants and give the courtyard façades a new order. For the different façade designs of the east and south/west blocks, separate approaches are being developed for the lift design.