Bree Ayzit Bostan

A gallery in Berlin becomes the showroom for Ayzit Bostan's bag collection for three days at Fashion Week 2008. The collection was created together with the leather goods company BREE. The presentation was intended to provide an appropriate setting for the refined minimalism of the design, but also to express the sensuality of the collection.

The six bags were shown individually, floating in space. Opposite the floating bags, a plywood panel was leaned against the wall. A mirror was placed on this in the position of the bags. The viewer could look at himself in relation to the bag. Parallel to this rather museum-like individual presentation, the entire bag family was shown as a tactile object. Each colour, each model hung from the ceiling on a chain, one could touch the bags, almost like at a bazaar.

The two materials used were to create a strong contrast, raw sea pine Batipin plywood panels and perfectly smooth mirror surfaces. The panels were given bumpers made of reflective plastic. The minimal detail gives the simple furniture something refined. In this, the design resembles the design of the bags, combining surprising details with formal austerity. The light was selective, the floating bags should not be perceived as completely illuminated, but rather felt and touched.