Residential development with daycare centre Braystraße

The church of St. Gabriel to the north and the magnificent tree population create a very special atmosphere in the courtyard ensemble. The project's main task is to strengthen the character of the courtyard and to allow both the new and the existing residential buildings to benefit from it. With the newly created higher density, the special character of the place should continue to be experienced by all residents. The valuable tree population will be almost entirely preserved. The view through the passage of the two new buildings to the other side of the courtyard is still possible and thus the relationship of the two long sides.

The new buildings adapt to the conditions of the site and the tree population and take into account the distance to the existing buildings. At the same time, they create new, differentiated spaces that make the entire courtyard permeable and thus experienceable, but also define new places. The courtyard is rezoned. The more quiet garden courtyard remains free of development, while the livelier courtyard on the east side of the ensemble serves to provide access to the houses and is more strongly paved. The passage between the buildings is a narrower space that contrasts with the rest of the courtyard.

The two structures each house two houses. These are organised as 3 and 4 spans. The third new building in the courtyard is located on the fire wall in the south and will be used as a children's house.

The design of the double-skin masonry buildings is developed from the surrounding buildings. The light-coloured masonry façades of the new buildings are based on the colours of the existing residential buildings and their structure and materiality on the clinker bricks of the church. Windows and sun protection are slightly different on the two structures - so one finds three independently behaving individuals in the courtyard.