Exhibition concept, Haus der Kunst

The title of the auction takes up Georges Perec's novel "La Vie Mode D'Emploi" - an overall view of the life worlds of a Parisian tenement. Inspired by this, an ephemeral cosmos with works of contemporary art as well as found objects from fashion, design, literature, music and the boulevard will be created in the Haus der Kunst.

The initiator of the event with contributions by Rem Koolhaas, Patti Smith, Olaf Nicolai, Gunther Sachs, Florian Süssmayr, Atelier Van Lieshout, Jeremy Deller, tocotronic and many more is Blumenbar Verlag, a young publishing house for contemporary literature whose survival is to be ensured by the auction.

Most of the events in the Terrace Hall are aligned lengthwise, which strongly divides and centralises the space. In order to achieve an equal distribution in the space, the exhibition is oriented transversely. For the three different states of the action - in addition to the exhibition of works and objects, readings took place - the space was changed with little effort.

The concept strictly arranges the heterogeneous exhibition objects into spatial layers. Pictures and photographs are placed on a circumferential wall strip, smaller objects are positioned on pedestals aligned on a line. A platform, which is also a stage, provides space for larger objects.