Honorary Prize for Good Housing 2023

Zaubzerstrasse was awarded the Honorary Prize for Good Housing 2023 by the City of Munich! We are very pleased about this high recognition!

Reason given by the jury:

"The award recognises the successful and high-quality urban development of an existing neighbourhood from the 1970s. The residential building with supermarket and café on Zaubzerstraße makes full use of the possibilities offered by the existing development plan. As a replacement for a two-storey building with shop use, an urban house was created as a complementary part of the existing courtyard structure. The new building connects to the existing building with a five-storey structure and continues over four or five storeys to a seven-storey high point. Instead of an existing car park at the south-west corner of the site at the intersection of Stuckstraße and Zaubzerstraße, a square was created with a small-scale design and a public terrace for the district café as well as sheltered, sunny seating. The former above-ground parking spaces were accommodated in the existing underground car park.

In addition, the jury states that the privately financed rental housing has different flat typologies and sizes, from one-bedroom flats to maisonettes suitable for shared flats, and thus includes living space for a heterogeneous group of residents."

The award ceremony will take place on 20 July in the hall of the Old Town Hall!

(Photo: Sebastian Schels)