1st prize in Ludwigsfeld!

We are very pleased to be able to report on our success in the urban and landscape planning competition for the redensification of the Ludwigsfeld estate! Together with grabner huber lipp landscape architects, our work successfully prevailed against 13 other designs. Of course, we would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the other prize winners. The 2nd prize went to pesch partner Architekten Stadtplaner, Dortmund/Stuttgart and Burger Landschaftsarchitekten, Munich. The 3rd prize was awarded to Hilmer Sattler Architekten and Keller Damm Kollegen Landschaftsarchitekten Stadtplaner, Munich.

Starting next week, there will also be the following exhibitions of the works, to which we would like to extend a warm invitation:

Exhibition in the Department of Urban Planning and Building Regulations.
The competition results of all submitted works will be publicly exhibited from Tuesday, 21 March, to Friday, 31 March, in the Department of Urban Planning and Building Regulations (Blumenstraße 28b, rooms 17 and 18). The exhibition will be opened by Professor Dr. (Univ. Florence) Elisabeth Merk on Monday, 20 March, at 7 pm. The exhibition is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm.

Exhibition in the Ludwigsfeld Estate
The competition results will also be on display in the Ludwigsfeld Settlement between the Easter and Whitsun holidays, in the info shop at Onyxplatz 5, public transport stop Kristallstraße (bus 710) or Siedlung Ludwigsfeld (bus 172). The exact time period will be announced later.

For more information, go to the project here!