Contract awarded for the Quartier am Gleisbogenpark in Stuttgart!

We are very pleased to have been awarded the contract for the Quartier am Gleisbogenpark in Stuttgart, which we received as part of the urban planning multiple commissioning together with grabner huber lipp Landschaftsarchitekten.

From the jury's transcript:

"In the search for an urban development concept adapted to the site - in the park or at the park - the authors develop a polygonal basic framework. On the one hand, they succeed in formulating a powerful urban edge towards the park, and on the other hand, they make it possible to experience the 'park' in the rear areas through green courtyards and intelligently placed visual axes. The attraction is that the quarter does not live exclusively from the quality of the park, but generates itself through the formulation of attractive interior spaces, including hostels. The prelude to the quarter at Gleisbogenpark is achieved by setting a polygonal, slender high-rise point, which is a logical consequence of the overall development of the Rosenstein quarter, and by a second high-rise point, which marks the end of this part of the quarter. This high point also conclusively emphasises the important connection to the railway station district in the north and develops into a pleasantly proportioned square in the transition to the park. The buildings themselves have different heights, creating an interplay of lively façades and roof forms.

The open spaces are welcomed in their expression, pleasant multicoded spaces and thus social neighbourhoods can be created. From a climatic point of view, there is almost continuous ventilation in the main wind direction. Despite the 2 high-rise buildings, there is only a moderate, occasionally a significant restriction of ventilation in the surrounding area. The work thus offers an exciting formulation of an independent, diverse future-oriented quarter and an adequate edge to the new generous park."

For more information, go to the project here.